I love the idea of being in love

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Thy name is Keegan. I am 17 years old at the time you are reading this. I live in Melbourne. I am a hopeless romantic as well. I know how to keep a girl, my only problem is that I can't get the girl in the first place. The only two things keeping me from being really sad is music, and the second would be the fact that I one day hope to be in love.
Also, I am training to be a bartender so if anyone needs to get drunk in a classy way, I would be happy to help
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all my friends are v cute. if ur my friend youre automatically cute sorry i dont make the rules 

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i ship me and money

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am i the only one that feels 2014 doesn’t even sound real

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everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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like the earth pulling on the moon
and the moon pulling on the tide,
his lips gravitate
towards mine

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I follow everyone back!

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  • just because
  • i disagree with you
  • does not mean
  • i am not your friend

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